The Rising Phoenix/EarthenSilk™ jackets that I have carried over many seasons have always been a favorite for my customers.  The beauty of the fabric, the variety of designs and styles make them wonderful "wearable art".  The craftsmanship and pride in the quality of the production of these pieces are wonderful.  The integrity of Rising Phoenix/Earthen Silk™ is reflected not only in their product, but in the way they do business in general.  I am very pleased to carry this line and look forward to a long lasting association. 
— Anna Pepper, Owner of The Painted Bird, An eclectic boutique doing business in Chapel Hill/Carrboro NC for 30 years.

Rising Phoenix is a wonderful company to work with!  Their silk shirts and jackets are beautifully made and easy to sell because of the incredible workmanship and gorgeous fabrics.  I own a missy store and a plus sized store and sell Rising Phoenix in both stores (Rising Phoenix owner Joyce Tang will make up to a generous 4X).  Our customers consider their Rising Phoenix jackets to be pieces of wearable art and we have NEVER had one returned!!" 
— Jo Michalski, Owner of Portfolio and Classic Woman, Anchorage, Alaska

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Folkways has been successfully selling the Rising Phoenix line of exquisite silk jackets since early 2007. The styling, fabrics, quality of workmanship and attention to detail make these among some of the finest garments we carry. Of particular interest to our customers are the unique mud silk or "EarthenSilk™" fabrics and the double silk/organza collars on the jackets. They are elegant and flattering. And, the customer service is excellent. Thank you, Rising Phoenix! 
— Pamela Griffin, Owner of Folkways, Eugene, OR

We have purchased jackets and blouses from Rising Phoenix for the past year and a half. The craftsmanship is first quality, as good as or better than almost all manufacturers on the market today. Their sewing, attention to detail, level of finishing, quality of the silk, and other materials used makes opening each shipment a pleasure. This also makes selling the product a pleasure- for our customers are delighted to find this level of quality and consistency. Joyce is always accommodating of our needs. Her company sets the standard for small producers who "walk the talk" when it comes to delivering quality product and responsive service. 
— Susan Lawrence, Owner of Heart with 3 stores in Bainbridge Island, WA, Gig Harbor, WA, and Silverdale, WA

I feel truly honored to offer Earthen Silks by Rising Phoenix in my boutique. Three Sisters, Calistoga, CA. Each and every silk jacket, vest, or blouse is exquisitely handcrafted with attention to detail and quality. My customers enjoy the richness of the fabrics and the elegant designs. They look forward to returning to see the collections that I bring in every month! 
— Kimberly Joseph, Owner of Three Sisters, Calistoga, CA

Rising Phoenix makes an awesome product that has consistently retailed well for us at Fawbush’s.  Joyce has been a joy to work with and has always provided us with great service, direction, and a very well made, well priced product. 
— David Rutt, Owner of Fawbush’s Woman’s Clothing Gallery, Edina, MN

Rising Phoenix makes gorgeous garments at a great price, the kind of eye catching items that specialty store customers like mine are looking for.  Joyce Tang is a pleasure to work with—personable, accommodating, and attentive to detail" 
— William McClelland, Owner of Tom Teifer WomensWear Boutique, Seattle, WA

What can I say about Joyce? She's detail oriented and attentive, she follows up, she keeps you informed about what's going on with your order, and she's accommodating. Heckuva nice lady. I'd bet she’s a damn fine cook, too. The line 'Rising Phoenix' is terrific. The construction is meticulous, the craftsmanship and textiles are fantastic. Look at the way the lining is attached, sight down a seam and check out the topstitching. Most couture is not as well put together. Rising Phoenix retails gangbusters for us, I'd recommend it highly. 
— Ira and Yasuko Bloom, Owners of Yasuko Boutique, Healdsburg, CA

As the owner of a plus size store, I am always looking for something unique, elegant and well-made. We have been carrying Rising Phoenix consistently since 2007. Our customers love the beautiful fabrics, clean lines and Asian influence. The fit is generous and workmanship impeccable. The hardest part is picking which beautiful fabric to carry next! 
— Sharon Silverstein, Owner of In Full Swing, Oakland, CA

Rising Phoenix has been a welcomed addition to our collection of contemporary women's apparel and wearable art. Their pieces reference ancient traditions with a modern twist. Best of all, owner Joyce Tang answers her own phone to assist immediately with any customer service questions. Best of all possible worlds. 
— Sarah Forseter, Owner of Safari, Mendocino, CA

It is my pleasure to write about the positive experiences I have had with selling jackets from Rising Phoenix. I usually don't have to explain the items but just let my customers feel it by trying them on. Since the jackets are light as a feather and the material is so soft, my customers usually react immediately and with lots of positive emotions. They tell me they have never felt anything like it before (the material is "talking" to them, as they say). From then on the sale is easy because every woman finds a way to pay for a silk jacket from Rising Phoenix--and if it is only "the once-in-a-lifetime-purchase". I am thankful to you for providing such beautiful and precious clothing. Every single costumer of mine who has purchased a Rising Phoenix Jacket keeps coming back to my store and if it is only to tell me how many compliments they received when wearing them. Your jackets are indeed very special. 
— Marianne Anderson, owner of Maya’s Corner, Logan, Utah