Rising Phoenix specializes in high end, unique silk fabrics from all over Asia. There are more than 2000 types of silk and the quality of each can be dramatically different depending on factors such as production process, types of silk worm, and floss length. Our parent company in Taiwan has the reputation of finding the best Chinese silk available with its team of expert fabric and silk scouts. We have a family tradition of relentless insistence on quality, and this is apparent in our products. Rising Phoenix products are made from the top 30% of all silk grades available in the market today.

True Qualities of Rising Phoenix Fine Silk Selections:

  • Fade Resistant

  • Sweat Resistant

  • Dust Resistant

  • Weightless and Comfortable

  • Easy to Care for (see Care Section)

Only the best silk with these qualities will make the cut in our design room. This is our commitment to our customers.

Joyce Tang, Owner of Rising Phoenix