In 1995, my mother started this company with a dream in Taipei, Taiwan.  She wanted to design and manufacture high quality, artful silk apparel for women of all sizes. She wanted to make every piece an artful treasure, making custom quality apparel at acceptable retail prices. She created a company and a manufacturing team that is committed to her motto of making silk clothing that is exceptional both in quality and style.

 In 2005, I decided to market my mother’s original designs and products in the San Francisco Bay Area under the original label, Rising Phoenix.  We primarily wholesale to specialty high end boutiques.  Transitioning from Asia to the US was not easy at first; we needed to get the right “fit”. Thankfully, beauty is universal and once we got the fit right, our original designs and exclusive fabrics took off. 

 Here at Rising Phoenix we insist on making custom quality apparel at acceptable retail prices. Our continued success with the market led us to the launching of our second silk label, EarthenSilk™, which consists exclusively of our one of a kind mud silk product, in 2007.

 Today we have many of the original tailors who started the company with us along with their second generation working side by side in the Rising Phoenix family. I am proud to say that our craftsmanship in womens' silk tops is unparalleled in the current market. The Rising Phoenix model is simple but effective:  Quality, Commitment, and Delivery.  We want to give customers products that are worth at least twice than they have paid for.  That is our commitment and our continued pursuit.